Management is getting the work done through the efforts of other people it is necessary to guide, direct, coordinating and controlling human efforts towards the fulfillment of the organization. The goals of the organization are fulfilled through the use of resource lke men, material, machines and money etc.

               Management is a social process refer to the series of actives that are performed in the society. This activities are performed by administrators, politicians, economists, housewives, parents, doctors, lawyers etc. The following are features of management:

  • Management also denotes a body of people involved in decision making.
  • Management is omnipresent and universal.
  • Management is profession.
  • Management is inter disciplinary.
  • Management has Four types of resource i.e, Men, Material, Money, Machines.
  • Management is situational in nature.

Scope of Management:

This is the end result after preliminary scope statement is refined this is classified into 8 types:

  1. Financial Management.
  2. Personal Management.
  3. Purchasing Management.
  4. Production Management.
  5. Maintenance Management.
  6. Transport Management.
  7. Office Management.
  8. Distribution Management.


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