According to Luther Gullick management is “POSDCORB”  

  • P – Planning
  • O – Organizing
  • S – Staffing 
  • D – Directing 
  • Co – Coordinating
  • R – Reporting
  • B – Budgeting
According to Henry Fayol the management is of five types :
  • Planning
  • Organising 
  • Staffing
  • Directing
  • Controlling


It is referred to deciding now what is to be done in the future. The gap between the present and future. The corporate goals set the direction for planning function
Elements of Planning:  Monagers develop the following so that they can be used up to carry out their plans forecast, objectives, policies, strategies, programs, procedures, schedulers, budgets etc.


It is refer to the process of grouping the related activities and assigning them to a manager with authority to supervise it. Organizing make organizational environment more conductive for group effectiveness. The function of organising to create higher managerial position that the employees would to reach the problem.


How many positions are there in the organization and at what level of position? Once this information is available the next task is to collect details what type of candidates are required for each position and Filup this position with right. Staffing is a process which includes.

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