It is of three types. They are:

  1. Conceptual Skills 
  2. Human Skills 
  3. Technical Skills

 Conceptual Skills:

It is referred to as creative ability. It should be passed by top level management as the top level management involve in decision making of an industry. Conceptual skills includes knowledge about the product to be produced. It’s marketing and financing and to look after weather the production is able to meet the required demand.

Human Skills:

It is primarily concerned with working by people. For the process of production, leadership, motivation, super vision, co-ordinations, control of workers is required. This skills are passed by all levels of management. As at each and every level it involve in a group.

Technical Skills: 

It refers to the proficiency in handling methods and process techniques of a particular kind of activity. This is very much needed in lower levels of the management.


Brief description of management levels

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